7th March 2020

Home Emergency Assist

The benefit offers a free call-out and 1st hour’s labour for an electrical, plumbing or locksmith emergency at the member’s house. The benefit is limited to 3 incidents per annum and only at the main member’s permanent residence. Savings to client R 650 per incident , Call 0860 937800 to log an emergency.
6th March 2020

Home Comprehensive Assist

Home Comprehensive Repairs This option includes the cost of the repair, limited to R 2 000 (including VAT) per repair with a standard excess of R 280 (including VAT) payable by the customer. The benefit in addition to the excess amount is R 1 720 (including VAT) and includes the following benefit categories: Electrical, Plumbing, Appliances & Household Motors
5th March 2020

Debt Assist

If you are struggling to manage your debt, contact us for debt management solutions. Our Debt assist services offers you access to trained Debt Counsellors, and Curators. Debt Mediation Services including requesting of statements, policies documents and re-arrangement of payments and debt. Assistance with Garnishee and Administration Orders. As a Zest Member you are entitled to one free credit report every 6 months and our trained consulants will provide a comprehensive summary for you, call 0860 937 800 to request your first credit report.
4th March 2020

Bail Protect

If you are arrested for minor offenses and you need to bring an urgent bail application, our Legal Services will provide the following Bail Benefit: In the event of the main member's arrest and subsequent bail, an attorney is appointed to pay a maximum bail fee of R3 000. Legal consultation fees following bail payment is arranged between the member and the relevant attorney. Should you require this service we are a call away 24/7/365 days- contact 0800 937 800
3rd March 2020

Legal Assist

Unlimited telephonic consultation. The benefit applies to the main member, spouse and Dependent children. Legal Assistance provides guidance on any legal topic or matter ranging from debt and divorce to labour and domestic violence, 24/7. This service is available is to all Zest members and in most cases consultation is conducted in the language of your choice.
2nd March 2020

Roadside Assist

The service entails 24/7 dispatching of an appropriate service provider in the event of a roadside emergency and continuous follow-up until the incident is attended to. Benefits apply to any of the vehicles registered in the name of the customer. Including Mechanical or electrical breakdown, Running out of fuel, Flat Battery and flat tyre changes.
1st March 2020

Trauma Assist

An uninterrupted, confidential and professional telephonic counselling facility is available to customers every day of the year. All emergencies from attack and hijack; housebreaking, theft and fire to medical emergencies and trauma counselling are handled with professionalism and specialist care, Telephonic debriefing and counselling are conducted by the qualified counsellors. Trauma Assist is a 24-hour crisis line that provides the necessary infrastructure to all Zest Rewards members.